Tactical Reinsurance Effectiveness

Group Health
Reinsurance Captives

A Group Health Captive allows members to share a layer of risk with other group members. If the group runs well, money is returned to the group members that (cont)

Tactical Reinsurance - Minority Owned

Self Funded

One variation of self-funding is a Self Funded MEWA. In this arrangement, many small employers pool their health insurance needs into a single plan, seeking greater (cont)

Tactical Reinsurance - Planning

(Virtual Captives)

Historically self-funded health plans focused on the middle and large group market, this alternate funding mechanism has more efficiently financed long term benefits cost (cont)

Tactical Reinsurance Leadership

Reinsurance for
HMOs & Health Plans

There are many great health programs in the market (contrary to what you see in the news)! They’re value based, have low trends, members have lower (cont)

Everything we do at Tactical Reinsurance start with our values — a clear, strongly held set of core beliefs that reflect who we are and what you can expect from us.

  • Excellence – we strive to deliver the best innovative, value based programs possible.
  • Integrity – we do the right thing for the right reason.
  • Inspiration – we inspire each other to create ideas that can change our world.

Be part of the “solution”, not the problem!  Stay humble, and be the hardest working people in the room.

We won’t waste your time!  We profile our opportunities carefully, and quickly, and strive to find people that “think like us”.  Generally, we know on the first call whether:  (1) we like the people we’re talking with and (2) if we trust them.  We’re blessed these days, we don’t have to chase every opportunity.  To excite us about a deal, we need to find it interesting (we love learning), and there has to harmony between our principles. We want to work & learn with like-mind business professionals.

Its not all about the money!  People want to be appreciated, and respected.  They want to know leadership is looking our for their best interest.  They want training, and a career path that will help them achieve some financial success.  And they want to have a personal life….they want balance!    This is where we shine…

The Three Focal Points of Value Based Care